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Architectural Glass

From London’s iconic Shard to the avant-garde landmark of Paris, The Louvre, it’s safe to say that glass has been used in some of the most spectacular and memorable buildings in the world. Hugely versatile, glass has been the architect’s staple for centuries: prized for its durability and adaptability. Architectural glass destined for use in some of the world’s most adventurous creations sets the benchmark for glass worldwide: toughened, laminated, and of unmatched quality.

To that end, architects and architectural firms naturally need glass which is aesthetically pleasing, as well as well-made, durable, safe and low-maintenance, in order to have the freedom to design their projects without constraints.

Glass & Stainless has decades of experience providing support across all stages of an architectural project.  Acquiring your architectural glass from Glass & Stainless is just the beginning: our experts can provide architectural consultation, design advice and quality products – bringing your architectural vision to life. 

Using Glass For Architectural Projects

From bespoke privately-owned properties to inner-city offices, to public buildings – our range of expertise is unrivalled. Whether we’re bringing a home several years in the planning to life for a private client, or changing the landscape of one of the UK’s busiest and biggest cities – we undertake every project with pride and purpose. At Glass & Stainless, we’re dedicated to making your vision a reality. Partner with us, and bring your next project to life. 


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Why Use Architectural Glass?


As any architect knows, the benefits of using glass for architectural projects are boundless. The transparency or translucency of most glass means natural light is unrestricted through your creation, whilst its durability means it is unlikely to need replacing in the future. The creative license afforded by these qualities have led to some of the world’s most incredible structures through time – from the incredible Crystal Palace of 1951 right through to the iconic Reichstag Dome in Berlin. 

It isn’t just public buildings that benefit from this architectural purity – glass allows private properties to be transformed into modern masterpieces. Its classic, timeless look means that glass structures or extensions can be carefully designed to reflect any era or style: from creating futuristic, minimalistic all-glass exteriors to reviving and rejuvenating a period property with glass details and features. 

Here at Glass & Stainless, we have been part of hundreds of architectural glass projects from their inception. Being present from the beginning allows our glass experts to work with your architectural firm to ensure we can realise your dream as efficiently and seamlessly as possible – without the need for any costly or last-minute adjustments, which can compromise the integrity of your design. Our team of experts is made up of consultants and project managers who can work with you to bring any vision to life – no matter the scale or the ambition. We can also advise yon on the most suitable type of architectural glass available – so don’t hesitate to ask. 


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Why Glass & Stainless?

Here at Glass & Stainless, we know what architects need. Our products are high-quality, durable and built to last; while our varied designs mean we’re able to achieve any result you want – from specialist designed or coloured glass to the very best of the simple stuff.

We also believe that support from a glass supplier should extend beyond the product itself: we’re here to lend our skills to your project, no matter how complex. Our expertise will root your design in reality, letting creativity and innovation stay at the forefront – where they should be. Bring your clients the results they need when you consult our architectural experts here at Glass & Stainless; offering design advice, construction guidance and practical assistance to ensure legal compliance. 

Thanks to our varied experience in creating, implementing and executing complex projects, no challenge is too great for our team. With decades of experience supplying glass and managing construction projects, our experts have seen first-hand the common obstacles of designing a building or home, and we can provide our clients and partners with the tools to overcome them. For more on our architectural consultancy services, you can find our dedicated Architectural Consultancy page here. 

Our materials are as varied as our experience – with multiple different types of architectural glass available. From our toughened and laminated panels available to screen-printed glass to specialist ‘smart’ or switchable glass, Glass & Stainless has the exact architectural materials you need for any specification.


Available architectural glass types and glass specifications include: 

  • Toughened Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Curved Glass
  • Low Iron Glass
  • Screen Printed Glass
  • Sandblasted Glass
  • Heat Soaked Glass
  • Coloured Glass
  • Switchable Smart Glass
  • Canopy Glass
  • Frameless Glass Doors
  • Glass Partitions
  • Glass Floors
  • Glass Shower Screens
  • Patterned Glass


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Our Services 

Our services can begin right at the initial project planning stage and continue until the project is completed. Here at Glass & Stainless, we’re all too happy to help architects and architectural firms with initial design stages, advising on materials and consulting on structural issues. 

We can act as the conversation mouthpiece between owner and architect, as well as facilitating discussions between architects and builders to ensure that expectations are managed and met, and that realistic goals are set from the outset of the project. 

Our consultation services mean that we can work with you to ensure any issues are dealt with before they even arise. Often, due to the nature and complexity of architectural work, certain features can be overlooked when it comes to structural integrity – leaving the possibility of a last-minute change that might impact the design. 

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Designed perfectly

Our Work 

If you’re embarking on an architectural project, or looking for a supplier and partner to join you on an existing project, why not take a look at our previous architectural work? From private properties with bespoke glass features to our work on recognisable landmarks all across the UK  – whatever project you’re planning, we’ve been a part of it. 

Common Farm

Installing frameless glass balustrades externally and internally for this private residential property offered a minimalist aesthetic to enhance the interior decor and exterior grounds. Read how we did it here

Woodbrook Place

This beautiful Cheshire country house project saw Glass & Stainless deliver flawless structural glass features to maximise the breathtaking local scenery. Read about how we designed and delivered perfection here

New Street Station 

The largest single project in Europe for a decade, our work on New Street Station was a monumental undertaking and years in the planning and execution. Learn more about how Glass & Stainless created one of the most recognisable landmarks in the UK in partnership with architectural and construction firms here:

Cromer Pier 

This project for Norfolk council saw Glass & Stainless tackle a rejuvenation of existing glass balustrades in one of the most beloved local landmarks nationwide, utilising screen printing to mark each panel for a recognisable and distinguished finish.  Read how we did it here: 


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