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Spiral Staircases

Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases can add a romantic, grandiose element to your home interiors. At Glass & Stainless we offer bespoke spiral staircases with curved glass, or stainless rods, perfect for designing your fairytale home. However, also we offer spiral staircases that are suitable for commercial properties. We can adapt to your requirements, design brief and budget to produce the perfect bespoke staircase.

Where Can You Use A Spiral Staircase?

At Glass & Stainless we produce spiral staircases for both interior and exterior purposes. Our bespoke exterior staircases can be fixed to Juliet balconies giving you easy access from your upper-level floor to the garden. This makes your garden look incredibly magical. In addition, exterior spiral staircases can be highly useful for commercial properties, offering a safe exit point from upper-levels.

When it comes to bespoke interior staircases, modular and spiral staircases are generally more compact than conventional stairs. Natural space savers, they can be squeezed into tight corners and small spaces, a real bonus if you need to access an upper floor with limited floor space. Our space-saving spiral staircases are ideal for loft conversions as they make effective use of the space without eating into the floor area. Spiral staircases are designed to fit in the smallest spaces and a great choice for conversions where a conventional bespoke staircase just isn’t practical, whilst still being incredibly elegant and stylish.

We also offer bespoke squarial staircases. This particular design of spiral staircase is constructed with square-shape treads and is built into a corner of the room. The treads themselves touch the walls, thereby eliminating the need for balustrades and creating greater space and a cleaner look.

What materials can be used in a spiral staircase?

Choose from a wide range of timbers and add finishing touches, from spindles to newel posts. Our wooden spiral staircases create a warmer, softer look. Alternatively, combine the finest birch-faced timber treads with stainless steel or aluminium balustrades to create a Scandinavian look, embracing the on-trend Danish interior design concept of Hygge.

The design brief, practicality and function of your spiral staircase will typically dictate the material you choose. Opting for more robust, industrial materials such as steel and aluminium which offer durability and longevity. This is ideal for intensive use in commercial properties, for example. In contrast, wooden spiral staircases are more suited to the home and often complement furnishings. That being said, more industrial-style spiral staircases can compliment dark-hardwood interiors to create a moodier, modern look inside your home. There are so many possibilities! The precision and workmanship required to design and construct our spiral staircases is incredible and the final effect is truly magnificent.

At Glass & Stainless, we have years of experience designing, supplying and installing bespoke spiral staircases. Our team of experts can help specify the right timber, glass and stainless-steel components as well as measurements to create the perfect spiral staircase for your environment, space and budget.

If you would like any assistance with your bespoke spiral staircase design, measuring up, creating a 3D drawing or just need help installing your staircase, Glass & Stainless are very happy to support you in conceiving and creating your fantasy staircase. We are also here to answer any questions or queries you may have, do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to learn more about alternative staircase designs, click here.

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