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Stainless Steel & Glass Staircases

Stainless Steel & Glass Staircases

Let light flood into gloomy hallways. Breathe life into tight, enclosed spaces. Each of our bespoke glass staircases will bring a sense of grace to the interiors of your home, allowing light to filter through as the stairs appear to float in mid-air. From bespoke spiral staircases and cantilevered staircases to bespoke helical staircases and curved staircases – we provide it all.

What are the benefits of glass staircases?

A glass staircase has multiple attractive benefits for the home. It can make an excellent addition to old, historic structures by brightening up the space. A glass staircase can help to modernise your home and showcase any characteristic features, without blocking them in the manner of opaque materials.

Glass staircases are also an excellent option for properties with skylights. Glass is a versatile material that can complement any style. Alternatively, if you decide on a wooden staircase with glass elements, the timber treads appear to be floating as the structural railing is barely visible. Also, glass balustrades are a wonderful way of showcasing a wall-adjacent staircase.

Building  bespoke staircases with glass parts can be a challenge for fabricators. However, at Glass & Stainless we provide everything you need to make your dream staircase a reality. Our tempered glass is specially manufactured to have the required strength to support itself, as well as the weight of users. This ensures that our products our completely safe for use in your home. It is very important that glass staircases are built with high-quality and safety-approved toughened glass to ensure the protection of homeowners.

Adding additional design elements to a glass staircase

Here at Glass and Stainless, we also offer a selection of tinted glass, frosted and coloured glass dependant on your design. For example, glass staircases with a mixture of clear and interlayered black tinted glass, can create a magnificent, moody effect for impressive entranceway.

In addition to completely glass staircases, we offer a variety of different glass balustrades and stunning glass spindles which can have a fantastic effect in a larger space, particularly when used in combination with accent lighting. This can be achieved by installing LED spotlights or strip lighting.

Or instead, opt for motion-sensor led lighting which will light up the glass staircase as you near it, giving a magical effect. Staircase lighting can create a gorgeous and sophisticated ambience as well as being a practical safety option for using your staircase at night.

At Glass & Stainless, we have years of experience designing, supplying and installing bespoke glass staircases. Our team of experts can help specify your glass staircase and stainless-steel components to create the perfect solution for your environment, space and budget.

With our expert knowledge, we can also help you to identify the correct glass with a choice of thickness, colour tint and type to suit your purpose. As part of our service, we cut the glass to size and shape to your specific requirements, giving you the freedom and flexibility to fulfil your interior design fantasies.

If you would like help with your glass staircase design, measuring up, creating a glass staircase 3D drawing or just need help installing your glass staircase then Glass & Stainless are the experts in bespoke glass staircases for homes and are at hand to answer your questions you may have.

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