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Helical Staircases

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Create a lasting impression with a helical staircase


Due to their grand appearance, helical staircases are often found in exclusive homes or commercial buildings such as hotels or representative office entrance halls. However, due to the complexity of design and manufacturing, finding the perfect helical staircase can be quite a challenge.

Here at Glass and Stainless, we offer our customers a wide range of options including size, shape and style of your curved staircase. Depending on your vision, you can either select from our pre-designed range of staircases or design your own to really add that wow factor to your home or commercial building.

Choosing the right material for your staircase


Depending on your vision, your staircase can be made to look modern and contemporary by incorporating materials such as metal, concrete, glass and even oak. You can choose to stick to one material or you can use a combination of materials to project a sense of luxury and grandeur. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your vision and budget.

Helical stairs designed according to your imagination and here at Glass and Stainless are always on hand to help you through this process, whether you are looking for advice and guidance on best suited materials, or you would like to discuss whether a curved staircase is the right choice for you, our team are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Fully Bespoke Helical Staircases

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Pre-Designed Helical Staircases

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A helical staircase is simply a formal name for a curved staircase, and takes its name from its similarity to a helix, which typically follows a circular path and revolves around a central axis that is empty or is occupied by other non-structural elements of the staircase.

The key difference between a spiral staircase and a helical staircase is that a spiral staircase has a central column supporting the treads whereas a helical staircase has a void in the middle and therefore has no central column.

Helical staircases are supported by treads that are sandwiched between and supported by two stringers. These can be made of a wide variety of materials, however, stainless steel is the most popular option.

The main benefit of a helical staircase is that it optimises the space in which it consumes. Helical and spiral staircases typically need a smaller footprint compared to other types of stairs.

Although the minimum radius to be considered is 70 centimetres, you should always give preference to stairs with at least 80 centimetres radius. It must also take into account a minimum height of 2.15 meters between the steps and the roof, or the upper steps.

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