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Frameless Glass Balustrades

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Frameless Glass Balustrades are a popular architectural glazing design feature on many projects, internally or externally, to create a clear yet strong safety barrier. Using toughened laminated structural glass, specially designed for use as frameless balustrades, you can create a structural balustrade that creates no obstruction insight through a space with a minimal contemporary finish throughout a build.

Why use a frameless glass balustrade?

Frameless glass balustrades are extremely popular within construction and property refurbishment developments. They can provide an exclusive feel and high-quality finish to a home, a garden renovation, or at commercial premises where a barrier is required or a partition is necessary to divide space or to offer certain protections to those inhabiting the space. Features requiring frameless glass balustrades can include staircases, balconies and fencing around swimming pools. A balustrade provides that perfect balance of style and functionality, offering a low maintenance solution for durability. This has led to it becoming one of the leading options for both domestic and commercial settings the world over when it comes to adding the final touches to a development.

At Glass & Stainless we have a wide range of options for you, with our bespoke frameless glass balustrade choices unique to each specific client, location and project. Our team will sit down with you prior to any purchase or design project, putting together a very specific order request. It doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as it might sound, with our experienced professionals here to talk you through the process, adding our voice of experience and skills in the design, supply and installation of glass balustrades and all of the other options we have available to you.

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Choosing the right frameless balustrade for your project

A frameless glass balustrade can also provide additional light for any indoor area, as well as adding the illusion of space, ideal for both small and large hallways. It is currently a very popular choice for many residential and commercial buildings, this modern addition is not only stylish but also very safe.

We understand that sometimes choosing the right framless glass balustrade for your project can be a tough decision, like most consumers you want a quality product with excellent customer service. Once you have your measurements and decided on the type of glass you would like, Glass and Stainless are on hand to help with your project.

The most popular products for our frameless balustrades are toughened glass, laminated glass and toughened laminated glass. All three can be purchased in clear, low iron or tinted glass, perfect for an external or internal glass balustrade depending on your requirements and building regulations.

For residential indoor glass balustrades toughened glass is a popular choice. Toughened glass can be up to five times stronger than regular float glass, which makes it extremely durable against high impact. However, for outdoor balustrade glass panels or areas with high traffic toughened laminated glass is ideal – this consists of two toughened pieces of glass held together by an extremely tough PVB plastic interlayer. As a result, making it the ultimate safety glass.

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