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Bespoke Juliet Balconies

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Enhance Your Home With a Modern Bespoke Juliet Balcony

The Juliet balcony is a great way to enjoy many of the advantages of a balcony but without the structural complications and cost. A Juliet balcony is a simple balustrade fixed to the external facade of a building to allow rooms on the first or higher floors to have inward-opening full-height French doors. This means more light, a greater sense of space, more views and more air within your home. It is a simple solution to achieving the ‘luxury’ feel of a balcony with relative simplicity.

Types of Juliet balconies

We have numerous options available when it comes to your Juliet balcony, we have a large selection of ‘off the shelf’ designs which all come in standard sizes and a choice of four different glass colour options, however, if you are looking for something a little more unique to you and your home we offer a full end-to-end bespoke service. This includes a full survey to ensure there are no surprises for you throughout the project, a complete design with CAD drawings, as well as the supply and installation of the products needed for your new Juliet Balcony.

If you would like an ‘off the shelf’ Juliet Balcony, our online shop offers all of the components you will need, whether it’s frameless, or post and clamp, we supply it all. If you are looking for something unique please contact our team to discuss your vision in more detail.


In most scenarios Juliet balconies are considered permitted developments, meaning you shouldn’t need planning permission to have one installed. However there are a few exceptions:

If you want your Juliet balcony to have a floor, no matter how slim, it will be considered a raised platform instead and you will then need planning approval.

If your property is listed or within a conservation zone, you will almost certainly require planning permission.

Juliet balconies can increase your property value anywhere between 5-10% and they don’t typically tend to need a hugely large upfront cost for installation.

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Technical Drawing

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