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Glass Door Canopies

Glass Door Canopies

A glass door canopy is a simple and effective way of providing practical shelter with understated elegance. Whether you’re newly interested in glass door canopies, or whether you’ve already been perusing our list of reasons to install a glass canopy, we aim to give you all the information you need in order to choose the perfect canopy for your needs. Whether a welcoming addition to your home or an aesthetic improvement for your office space, a glass door canopy will brighten up any door frame. Alongside our existing range of fixed products, we offer bespoke tailored canopies to meet your needs. Make the entrance to your home or building a real statement with our range of glass door canopy options at Glass & Stainless.

Deciding on your glass door canopy specifications  

Once you’ve decided to install a glass door canopy, it is important to get started on exploring the shape, size and material options that are available to you, in order to create the perfect glass canopy for your front door. Even amongst the raw materials available for construction there is a great deal of variation, so you can be sure you will find the right canopy for your needs.


Arguably, the most important feature of your glass door canopy is the glass itself! At Glass & Stainless, we offer a range of glass to suit our customers’ requirements. A standard across our glass panels is toughened and laminated glass. With subtle differences, each of these glass types offers advantages. 


Toughened glass holds advantages of strength, as the name suggests. Approximately five times stronger than annealed glass, toughened glass additionally has an increased heat resistance and comparatively stronger edges. Laminated glass is perfect for structural and safety glass: it is more resistant to shattering as it often holds in place long enough to find a replacement panel. The perfect blend of the two is our toughened laminated glass, which retains much of the benefits of both kinds but shatters into hundreds of small pieces, reducing the risk of injury associated with large broken shards of annealed glass. This is the glass found in our canopy panels.

Stylistically, alternative glass options are available. Frosted glass is a perfect option for a glass door canopy which is designed to protect from the sun, as the frosting on the pane provides a degree of shading without blocking the natural light. We additionally offer options of coloured glass, to add a brilliant pop of colour to any design. 

Designs and Styles 


Though important, the effectiveness of the glass type depends primarily on the design and style of the glass door canopy in which it is applied. Whether curved, flat, suspended or frameless, there are numerous glass door canopy designs to inspire your vision. 

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Suspended Canopies

The classic suspended glass door canopy offers a sleek and contemporary feel, whilst remaining a practical architectural addition to protect visitors to your home or office. Suspended, as the name suggests, with multiple stainless steel connecting rods, this style of canopy offers a striking visual element to your structure.

Purple cross pattern

Frameless Glass Door Canopy

A frameless glass door canopy offers a uniquely modern addition to your home or commercial space. Allowing unfiltered natural sunlight from the sky, a frameless glass door canopy provides illumination without obstructing your view. This creates a feeling of being surrounded by nature, whilst remaining protected from the rain or enjoying the amplified warmth from the sun.


You might also consider a timber framework with a glass-panelled canopy, which brings a charm and warmth to the structure. Timber paired with glass offers a fresh look for your door canopy, marrying the classic and rustic connotations of timber with the modernity of glass panels.

Tubular Brackets

Stainless steel tubular brackets offer a structured and supported canopy, but offer a different look to the stainless connecting rods which support suspending door canopies. These supports sit underneath the panel of glass, which simply rests on top of the brackets. As well as straight, these brackets can be arched, to provide a curved support. A curved design additionally promotes run-off and prevents debris build-up on your canopy.


Glass & Stainless are proud to offer bespoke glass door canopies made to measure your space, size, and style requirements. To begin a conversation about selecting and installing your chosen design for your glass door canopy, contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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