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Bespoke Staircases

Our bespoke staircases are designed to fit around the unique contours of your property, making the most of the space available and contributing to, not detracting from, the overall aesthetic of the space. Whether you prefer beautifully crafted sweeping curves or striking angular edges, a bespoke staircase is the answer.

Cantilevered Staircase

Also known as a floating staircase, cantilevered staircases look incredibly impressive in any property. With the treads appearing to levitate in mid-air, it can add a touch of magic to any home. With no stringer or balustrade required, light can circulate easily through your hallway which is typically one of the darkest areas of the home.

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Spiral Staircase

Our bespoke spiral staircases are great for both internal and external settings and can be made from a variety of different materials. As one of our most versatile staircases, we can fully customise a spiral staircase to suit your specific requirements.

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Helical Staircase

Our Helical staircases are suitable for various commercial and residential applications. Impress your visitors with our bespoke designs and stand out from traditional designs. Helical staircases can be a major capstone for your property, and they can be manufactured with various materials.

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Glass Staircase

Add a contemporary touch to your building, with a bespoke glass staircase. A glass staircase provides an unobstructed view of your bespoke decor, whilst a glass balustrade paired with timber can create a stunning, unique wood and glass staircase. A glass staircase can change the whole interior design of your house, increase the value and create more space.

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Floating Staircase

With our large scope of choices and bespoke designs, Glass and Stainless can offer an easy to access floating staircase, providing more space for you to utilise extensively. A levitating experience lets light stream into the property, creating a natural atmosphere for you.

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