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Architectural Consultancy

Architectural Consultancy

Embarking on a new project is the most exciting part of the job – for architects and suppliers alike! From initial discussions with the client to the final finishing touch before you open the doors, creating a new space is what we’re all about – and we love rising to the challenge for our customers.

As an architectural glass and metal supplier, Glass & Stainless works closely with a number of architects and architectural firms to bring our shared visions to life. Whether the client has approached Glass & Stainless directly or the architectural firm is seeking support on a specific part of a new project, there’s nothing better than working together to bring a vision to life.


Partner With Us 

As an industry-leading supplier of architectural materials, our expertise has grown over the years thanks to the many and varied projects we’ve worked on. We can advise architects, builders, clients and interior experts; liaising closely with them to ensure that the final product is beautiful, functional, and compliant with national safety standards. Our materials are of the highest quality and our experience is second-to-none, which is why so many experts work with us for project completion.

Here at Glass & Stainless, we always welcome the opportunity to be part of new projects, ideas and concepts – no matter their scale or complexity! Take a look at our architectural service offering below to see how we can help you: 


Why Work With Glass & Stainless?

Like many other architectural consultants, our experts here at Glass & Stainless can advise on all aspects of designing a building, property, feature or extension. Our end-to-end service sees our clients travel through conception to installation to completion, safe in the knowledge that they are being guided with expertise and compliance every step of the way.

Bespoke glass and stainless steel projects we’ve worked on include private properties and residences, large public buildings and nationally-recognised landmarks: so you know we know what we’re doing.

Our experts are available to work together with your architectural firm from start to finish, ensuring that we can collaborate closely to make design dreams a reality. We’ll advise on the most suitable materials, assist with feature placements and supply the finest architectural materials to be used in the build.

The benefits of working with our architectural consultants here at Glass & Stainless are truly endless. High-quality durable materials mean your work is built to last, without needing those last-minute (and costly!) alterations, as our partnership ensures your design is considered for practicality and functionality.


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Let your designs stand the test of time, when you partner with Glass & Stainless.

Partner With Us

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with numerous architects and architectural firms nationwide, including Ian Ankers Architecture (based in Macclesfield), Llama Group (based in Cheshire), and Mittelman (based in London). View our portfolio of work in collaboration with local and national architects here. 


Common Farm

On this project, our experts were able to advise on the installation of frameless glass balustrades externally and internally for this private residential property. The frameless glass created a minimalist aesthetic to enhance the interior decor and exterior grounds. Read how we did it here


Woodbrook Place

This beautiful Cheshire country house project saw Glass & Stainless work together with a client’s architect to deliver flawless structural glass features, maximising the local scenery. Read about how we designed and delivered perfection here


New Street Station 

The largest single project in Europe for a decade, our work on New Street Station was a monumental undertaking and years in the planning and execution. Our partnerships with  Simco External Framing Solutions UK Limited and Transport for West Midlands were a crucial element of this work. Learn more about how Glass & Stainless created one of the most recognisable landmarks in the UK in partnership with architectural and construction firms here:


Cromer Pier 

This project saw Glass & Stainless working closely with architects and officials at  Norfolk council, in which Glass & Stainless tackled a rejuvenation of existing glass balustrades in one of the most beloved local landmarks nationwide. Read how we did it here:


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