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Glass Canopies

Glass canopies are both eminently practical and aesthetically stunning. As an architectural feature, glass canopies are incredibly flexible. We can make them in a wide array of shapes, sizes and styles. With Glass & Stainless, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your property. Glass canopies are easy to install, cost effective and provide excellent shelter in unpleasant weather.

Create a warm welcome

Is there anything more annoying than standing around in the rain whilst someone takes forever to answer the door? Even when you know the situation is completely unavoidable, it can still be hard to shake off that less than stellar first impression. That’s where businesses and their commercial properties can particularly benefit from the installation of bespoke glass canopies.

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Striking External Design

In addition to providing some much needed shelter, glass canopies can also be used to create a clear focal point to the building. This works particularly effectively on properties with relatively plain facades. The effect can be truly transformative on the overall look of the building.

Want something bright and bold? Decorate interlayers can be used within the glass to provide an eye-catching pop of colour. If the area is overlooked and you’d like to improve your privacy, simply add a frosted finish. Light will still be able to pass through as the glass remains translucent.

From an aesthetic perspective we would always recommend choosing glass over plastic as a canopy material. At first glance they may seem familiar but over time clear differences will appear. Namely that plastic is more susceptible to discolouration due to sun damage.

As well as looking impressive, the ability of a glass canopy to draw the eye also has its practical advantages. For instance, if your building has several doors, a glass canopy will clearly highlight which is the main entrance to people visiting for the first time.

Durable in harsh weather

You might not think it but glass canopies are more than capable of withstanding unfavourable weather conditions. That’s due to the remarkable strength of toughened glass. Having been heated to temperatures in excess of 600ºC, each glass panel is then dramatically cooled in a very short period of time. This has the effect of introducing significant tension between the outer and inner layers of the glass as they each cool at vastly different rates. As long as that tension remains unbroken, the glass will withstand immense loads.

In the highly unlikely situation that the glass canopy does fail and shatter, it will do so in a way that minimises the risk of injury to anyone standing beneath it or nearby. Whereas standard float glass will break into quite large, jagged and dangerous shards, toughened glass shatters into much smaller and rounded pieces. These pose less of a threat to bystanders.

As well as providing safe and reliable shelter from the weather, glass canopies can also help reduce the risk of damage to the entrance itself by acting as a guard against wind and rain.

Frameless glass canopies

For something ultra modern and cutting-edge, choose a frameless glass canopy to frame your property entrance. Supported by the minimal amount of glass clamps and brackets possible, the lack of structure to a frameless glass canopy gives it the appearance of being magically suspended in midair.

It also means that there is less material to detract from the existing architecture of the property. As a result, frameless glass canopy are an excellent option for use on more historic or unusual properties. They let the property speak for itself.

You can further enhance the illusion of the frameless glass canopy being near invisible by using low iron content glass. Have you ever noticed that standard float glass has a noticeable green tint to it? The thicker the glass, the greener it gets. That greenness is caused by a high iron content within the glass. By choosing to use a different type of silica with a much lower iron content, Glass & Stainless can create glass canopies that are perfectly clear.

Where to fit your glass canopy?

The most obvious place to install a glass is of course, over the front door. But there are other options to consider.

Glass canopies aren’t only used directly above entrances and exits. You might wish to install a glass canopy on any of the property’s external wall in order to create a much appreciated scenic sheltered seating area. In hotter climates, this might be a place for individuals to enjoy the sun whilst limiting the risk of getting sunburnt. Perhaps less glamorously, glass canopies can be used to create a very stylish smoking area.

If the building houses a shop, it could be a wonderful idea to fit a glass canopy just above the display windows. This will encourage any passers-by to linger at the window, looking at and considering your products. When the heavens open, you want to be the shop everyone runs shelter under.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that glass canopies can only be used at the ground level. Why not install one above your external balcony to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round, even when it’s raining.

Glass canopies can also be used to create glass links or corridors between two spaces. For example, if you have an outbuilding or garden room situated close to the main property, you might wish to use a glass canopy to connect the two with a walkway. That way, people can easily move between them whilst staying dry.

Complying with regulations

Remember to double check that you don’t require planning permission from your local authority before installing a glass canopy. Permitted development rights will allow it in most cases but it will depend on the following factors:

  • Whether or not the building is listed
  • Whether or not the property is in a conservation area
  • The size of the glass canopy
  • The location of the glass canopy

Speak to your local authority if you aren’t completely sure. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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