Installing a number of external glass balustrades for a private development in Cabul Road, London, provided a unique and original job for Glass & Stainless.


The Brief:

The properties that these glass balustrades were fitted to are stylish modern apartments in an urban setting, so there were lots of elements to carefully consider when designing them. The result is a private and comfortable feeling set of balconies for the occupants of Cabul Road. The glass balustrades allow residents to enjoy the respite of an external balcony in the busy city without having to worry about privacy.

The city skyline can be clearly seen over the top of the bespoke glass balustrade, providing a brilliant view.

Bespoke 316 grade stainless steel posts and clamps attach neatly to the wall, keeping the aesthetic of the project clean, crisp and well executed. We opted to use 17.52mm toughened laminated glass on the basis that it is durable enough to withstand the load required to meet British standards, the 10% screen printing on the internal face of glass blends well with the tone of the external walls.

The Challenges:

Collaborating with Ashford properties, the original design for the brief was a frameless glass balustrade. However, this would have taken the project well over budget so Glass & Stainless engineered a neat post and clamp solution to solve the problem. This not only kept the project in budget but also offered the same neat finish that the client wanted. To complete all of the glass balustrades, Glass & Stainless wanted to create the perfect combination of style without taking the costs above this threshold.


The Work:

Using 316 grade stainless steel throughout the glass clamps were attached to the 48dia x 2.6mm wall thickness posts to create a bespoke design for the project. Side fix brackets and posts were used to hold up 17.52mm toughened laminated glass that feature a 10% screen print for privacy. With a 2-week manufacturing slot and just 2-3 weeks to install the posts and clamps, we are proud to say that this bespoke project was carried out perfectly to schedule. The 48mm x 2.6mm wall diameter posts aren’t overbearing and the 316 grade posts and clamps don’t detract at all from the aesthetic of the toughened laminated glass.

The Final Result:

These images show a selection of all the side fix brackets and posts, as well as views from the balcony to begin to get a taste of how the space feels. A mixture of shots of both an upper and lower balcony have been selected to show how each space was treated. Maintaining those views was just as important as the execution of the technical aspects of the design. You can also observe how the elegant finish of the laminated glass compliments the brickwork.

The Materials:

Principally, this project required 17.52mm toughened laminated glass, in conjunction with 316 grade stainless steel throughout the glass clamps attached to the 48dia x 2.6mm wall thickness posts, for a durable and stylish finish.


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