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A glass or stainless steel balustrade is not just a practical requirement in many homes and offices, but also an excellent opportunity to add an extra flourish. With strong, clean lines and offering unobstructed views, a balustrade can be a striking architectural feature in any property.

Why use a balustrade?

Stainless steel balustrades and glass balustrades are extremely popular within construction and property refurbishment developments. They can provide an exclusive feel and high-quality finish to a home, a garden renovation, or at commercial premises where a barrier is required or a partition is necessary to divide space or to offer certain protections to those inhabiting the space.

Features requiring glass balustrades can include staircases, balconies and fencing around swimming pools. A balustrade provides that perfect balance of style and functionality, offering a low maintenance solution for durability. This has led to it becoming one of the leading options for both domestic and commercial settings the world over when it comes to adding the final touches to a development.

At Glass & Stainless we have a wide range of options for you, with our stainless steel balustrade choices unique to each specific client, location and project. Our team will sit down with you prior to any purchase or design project, putting together a very specific order request. It doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as it might sound, with our experienced professionals here to talk you through the process, adding our voice of experience and skills in the design, supply and installation of glass balustrades and all of the other options we have available to you.



Benefits of bespoke glass balustrade

Bespoke glass is an excellent choice of material for a balustrade because it allows for the easy passage of light from one space to another. Natural light not only helps to brighten up a space, but also creates the illusion of the room being bigger. Without a whole series of solid posts, the balustrade doesn’t cast shadows over the surrounding space, ensuring that everywhere feels the benefit of the wonderful sunlight.

Glass is an incredibly versatile and timeless material. It works perfectly with any style of architecture, from the most modern and contemporary home to a historic medieval building. A glass balustrade never looks out of place. Unobtrusive in nature, glass won’t detract from the existing beauty of your property. From a resale perspective, you can be confident that a glass balustrade won’t date with time, unlike other traditional materials.

All you need to keep your bespoke glass balustrade sparkling is a microfibre cloth and standard glass cleaner. It’s as simple as that. There’s no need to worry about corrosion or whether it needs revarnishing.

With a frameless glass balustrade, you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics for safety and security. At Glass & Stainless, we use either toughened or laminated glass depending on the situation. Whichever form is used, your glass balustrade will be sturdy enough to withstand frequent use and the pressure loads required under building regulations. In the unlikely event that the glass does shatter, it will do so in a manner that minimises injury and damage.

If you aren’t keen on frameless glass balustrade, have you considered a combined glass and stainless steel balustrade?

Benefits of stainless steel balustrade

Stainless steel posted balustrades are ideal for use both internally and externally. Whatever the extremes of weather or frequency of use, a stainless steel balustrade will hold firm. This makes it a very popular choice for use on externally balconies and high traffic staircases, such as those in an office. Easy to grip, it is a material that leaves people feeling secure.

Unlike other metals, there is no risk of corrosion with stainless steel. This is because of the very fine protective oxide layer on the surface of the metal, formed due to the presence of chromium within the metal. Should the steel surface be scarred in some way, the oxide layer will simply heal itself. The exposed chromium within the steel reacts with oxygen in the air to reform the layer.

Like glass, stainless steel balustrade are simple to clean and maintain. A cloth and bowl of soapy water should do the job. Avoid using anything too abrasive though, like a wire brush, as this could mark the metal. For an added sheen, simply polish the clean balustrade with a dry cloth. Such easy maintenance means that stainless steel balustrades are a cost effective safety solution, as well as hygienic.

Stainless steel balustrade is available in a couple of different finishes, including polish and matte. Choose the finish that best suits your interior decor. They can be fitted directly onto a wall or floor, or sit atop a series of bespoke glass panels.

Complying with building regulations

This bespoke approach to our clients, as well as the provision of the highest quality finish to a glass balustrade installation, extends to every aspect of our service. We know that each client has a unique set of specifications and requirements attached to them, which is why we offer our bespoke service. We only use the highest standard of materials here at Glass & Stainless, so you can be ultra-confident that you’ve bought a structure that is built to stand the test of time.

All of our products have been thoroughly tested and comply with the current building regulations and legal standards set within the UK. We can even offer our professional advice prior to purchase as to which system best complies with regulations, when looking at your premises and the exact location of installation. This aspect of adhering to building regulations in the UK is one that is often overlooked, but we know how important it is for safety purposes and with that in mind we will always offer the correct advice should your balustrades be required as a permanent safety feature on site.

There are a number of factors to consider when working out the exact specification for the installation of glass balustrade at your premises, whether it is being newly built or renovated. The height of the location is one such important matter, with the balustrades required for decking built to certain height standards depending on the height elevation of the decking.

Help with stainless steel and glass balustrades

Glass & Stainless offer an extensive range of stainless steel balustrade and glass balustrade that can be specified to your unique requirements. The wide range of balustrade that we have available is highlighted on this website, but do not worry if you can’t see exactly what you are looking for. If you get in touch with our friendly team of experts, we can help you put together the ideal glass balustrade for your needs.

Glass & Stainless has a wealth of experience in creating the perfect glass balustrade systems. We can help you to achieve your vision through the careful design, supply and installation of your glass decking balustrade. Our office is based in Cheshire, but we have local teams right across the UK who can help ensure your project is completed on time and to a consistently high standard of service.

If you need help specifying and costing your glass balustrade project, we are happy to help and offer advice on what is going to best suit your project, budget and finish. We have teams of professional balustrade installers located throughout the UK and are available to install your project on time and on budget, no matter your location.

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