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Glass Floor Walkways

Glass Floor Walkways

An elevated glass floor walkway is essentially a stunning combination of two elements: a structural glass floor and a glass balustrade, the latter of which could be frameless. Sleek and contemporary, they are a brilliant example of modern design and sure to be a focal point of any home or commercial building.

Glass floor walkways make the most of the remarkable properties of structural glass. This surprisingly strong material is created by heating glass to an extremely high level before rapidly cooling it. As the outside cools first, tension is created between it and the warmer inner layers. It is this process that gives structural glass floors their impressive strength, approximately 5 time that of standard annealed glass, and allows them to be used extensively in buildings.

Internal glass floor walkways

Inside a property, glass floor walkways are a brilliant alternative to enclosed, dark corridors. Light is able to flow freely between different spaces. Glass floor walkways work best in double height rooms or taller, such as atriums, where you can feel the full effect of being suspended in midair, almost as if you’re floating. From the glass walkway, you can have a great view of whatever is going on below. For example, a quick first impression of someone sat in the reception of your office building.

If you are concerned about the personal privacy of individuals using the glass floor walkway, we would recommend choosing a translucent rather than a transparent finish. For example, a frosted or satin glass finish. Speaking of finishes, why not take your design one step further and choose a coloured glass for your walkway? If you’re looking for something a touch more subtle though, you can either choose from normal structural glass with its slight greenish hue or plump for a low-iron version which is ultra clear.

External glass floor walkways

External glass floor walkways are used to brilliant effect as visitor attractions in places like Tianmen Mountain in China or Tower Bridge in central London. They’re a source of wonder and excitement, as people are able to take advantage of the unique views they provide. There’s a certain thrill to be found in walking on a transparent material high up in the air. Why not bring that sensation to your home or office? For example, you could use a glass walkway to connect different areas of the house from the outside.

Structural glass cannot be worn down by the likes of strong wind, making it an excellent material to use externally.

If you do choose to use a glass floor walkway outside, we would recommend that you choose a slip-resistant finish in order to protect users in wet or icy conditions. A ceramic glass frit pattern can be permanently fused into the top layer of the glass, providing something to grip onto as you walk along. You can choose from a wide array of patterns, with boiler plate or dots arguably being the most popular. Hard-wearing ceramic frit glass comes with the additional benefit of helping to prevent scratches to the glass.

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