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Window Glass

For architects and designers, windows represent possibilities of style and practicality, allowing the opportunity to create the perfect blend of utility and beauty. Here at Glass & Stainless, we have decades of experience in supplying window glass for a range of projects and can lend our consulting and designing expertise to any design, no matter how ambitious or creative!

Glass & Stainless’ expert design and installation team have worked on a multitude of window projects over the years, ranging from simple window replacements and glazing of window glass in offices, to ambitious and creative designs for statement windows in private residences, to creating floor-to-ceiling windows in some of the UK’s best-loved national landmarks. No matter the type of window glass you require, our experts can supply the highest-quality window glass available in the UK. 

If there’s one piece of structural or architectural glass, we’re pretty sure everyone has in their homes, it’s going to be windows. (What else?).  After all, windows serve an integral purpose – letting in light, warmth, and fresh air – and are one of the few ‘must-haves’ that are actually a ‘must-have’.  Windows can also be a truly iconic design feature; whether stained-glass, curved, statement or full-length, windows represent a way to leave a true design mark on a building.

Types of Window Glass

Privacy glass can take many forms: frosted, smart or switchable glass, and even tinted glass are all ways in which you can ensure your windows offer a greater degree of privacy. For some, this glass strikes the perfect balance between light and translucency; particularly for those who overlook main roads or busy commuter paths, frosted windows offer a little more security. Also suitable for office partitions, porch doors or shower doors, obscured glass lets light fill the room without having to have a totally unobstructed view.

Low-iron glass is another that effectively is what it says on the tin: glass which has less iron in it. What this means in practical terms however is that the glass avoids that greenish tint so familiar from conventional glass windows, offering a clearer and less distorted view of the outside.

A firm favourite here at Glass & Stainless, toughened glass is made through a process called tempering. During this process of tempering, glass is heated up to a temperature of around 620°C and followed by jets of cold air which provide immediate cooling. The benefits of toughened glass, as suggested by the name, are its increased durability and resistance to cracking. Toughened glass is therefore highly suitable for use in windows; as well as in structural applications for its strength and ability to bear weight.

Laminated glass is commonly thought of as a ‘safety’ glass; and indeed, you may see it named as such when it comes to e-commerce sites. Laminated glass is made safer by the addition of a layer of polyvinyl butyral in between two glass panels, which effectively creates one thicker and safer piece of glass. In the event of trauma to the pane, rather than shattering into sharp and dangerous glass shards, the lamination ensures the glass breaks in rounded chunks which pose far less of a risk to people or animals near the site of breakage.

Float glass is commonly thought of as ‘glass at its most basic’! A sheet of glass that has not yet been treated, cut or glazed is known as float glass, and it has no colour, no toughening and no lamination. While this type of glass can be low-cost, it isn’t particularly high-quality or durable, which is why we at Glass & Stainless don’t recommend it for window glass. 

A large brick house with glass windows is shown.

Types of Window Glass

First, let’s get back to basics. Knowing the type of glass, you require is essential to getting the look and feel that you want. So, what are the different types of window glass? Is there more than one type of glass suitable for use in windows? Does it make a difference where the window is located? Glass & Stainless answers your questions.

There are multiple different types of glass suitable for use in construction, architectural work or different features. Below, Glass & Stainless outline some of the most common types of window glass and their features:  

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Does my window glass need to fulfil any specifications? 

To ensure compliance with UK building regulations, window glass needs to fulfil several regulations, including that they must have a minimum U Value of 1.6 W/m2k or lower, or a ‘C’ Energy Rating or better. In addition, windows in the UK need to meet several safety specifications, including:



This specification stipulates that windows and doors which are supplied for a new build must have a proven security standard that meets the requirements of British Standards PAS 24:2016 or better.


Otherwise known as the “means of escape”, under this regulation, windows replacing existing windows must achieve a minimum clear unobstructed opening of no less than the existing window that is going to be removed.  Alternatively, in the case of new dwellings, the window must achieve a minimum unobstructed opening of no less than 0.33m2 with a minimum clear opening of 450mm in both width and height.


Or “the means of ventilation”, this unsurprisingly refers to the ventilation possible through windows and doors and requires a constant airflow through the property without the need to open the windows/doors. 


This section refers solely to toughened glass and requires that all doors must include toughened safety glass (and any window that is positioned within 1m of a door, or below 800mm from the internal floor level must additionally have toughened safety glass).

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What type of window glass is best? 

Here at Glass & Stainless, we will guide you to the best choice most suited to your project. When it comes to window glass, you will not go wrong with toughened and laminated glass, its often the best solution and safest choice for all window applications. Thanks to its durability, shatter resistance and strength, Glass & Stainless toughened laminated glass will be the number one choice across all our projects.

No matter whether you’re constructing an architectural masterpiece of floor-to-ceiling windows or simply replacing windows in a private residence, our toughened and laminated glass panels will do the job perfectly. 

All our windows meet and exceed the required minimum safety standards as outlined by UK regulation – so our clients know they’re supplied with the very best. 


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Our services can begin right at the initial project planning stage and continue until the project is completed. Here at Glass & Stainless, we’re all too happy to help architects and architectural firms with initial design stages, advising on materials and consulting on structural issues. 

We can act as the conversation mouthpiece between owner and architect, as well as facilitating discussions between architects and builders to ensure that expectations are managed and met, and that realistic goals are set from the outset of the project. 

Our consultation services mean that we can work with you to ensure any issues are dealt with before they even arise. Often, due to the nature and complexity of architectural work, certain features can be overlooked when it comes to structural integrity – leaving the possibility of a last-minute change that might impact the design. 

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