The Brief:

Glass & Stainless were contacted by Norfolk City Council to implement some much-needed rejuvenation and reinvigoration to Cromer Pier, is located on the beautiful North Norfolk coastline and opened in 1901. Having undergone many repairs over the years, it was time for Cromer Pier to present a look and feel reflective of its status in the modern era.


The glass panel with the Cromer Pier logo against the Norfolk sunset.

The Work: 

Cromer Pier is visited by thousands of people each day, so creating an open feeling space on the pier was a high priority. The toughened laminated glass used encloses the space at Tides Restaurant and Pavilion Bar from the thoroughfare but still feels connected to its surroundings. It was also important that whilst seated in these areas that views were preserved out over the sea. Glass & Stainless used over 50 panels of 17.52mm toughened laminated glass, most with a sandblasted border to the base for this stunning renovation. Screen printed logos were to be sandwiched between the durable glass, to ensure they would last the harsh seasonal weather of the British coast line.


The glass panels are shown running along a pier, with white frames, with a view onto the land and Norfolk skyline.

The Challenges: 

The weather conditions can change fast on the coast, and toughened laminated glass acts as a windbreak from the strong winds blowing from the North Sea.


The Norfolk pier is shown against the setting sun, with the glass panels from Glass & Stainless lining the pier.


Supplier Glass & Stainless worked closely with the clients and put forward the idea of positioning the screen printed logo on the inside face of the toughened laminated glass, to ensure that the logo stands the test of time.

The Norfolk pier, lined with etched logo glass, is shown stretching into the sea.

The Final Result:

Being sympathetic to its past, yet modernising the outside areas at Tides Restaurant and Pavilion Bar, was always going to be a challenge. As you can see in the photographs, Glass & Stainless worked hard to ensure that the space created looks fantastic at any time of the year.


The glass panels of the pier with the Cromer logo showing against the beach, as created by Glass & Stainless.

The Materials Used:

For this project, Glass & Stainless primarily used 50 panels of 17.52mm toughened laminated glass, most with a sandblasted border and screen-printed logo.




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