With fantastic views over the harbour from the property, Broadreach provided a unique opportunity for Glass & Stainless. Eight pieces of frameless channel glass were installed above a new orangery in the private property in Eastbourne. This unique job was completed using 21.52mm thick toughened clear glass with an EVA interlayer. The bespoke design is held up by a white powder coated channel and has been built to withstand 1.5kN of loading. 

Frameless glass balustrade in Broad Reach, Eastbourne, showing the harbour.

Preserving the existing views

Glass & Stainless were provided with the original brief, which was frameless glazing to be fitted over the new orangery with a white powder coated finish. The balustrade was constructed to enclose an external space just off the master bedroom. We’re pleased to say that we fulfilled this perfectly.


A large brick house with glass windows is shown.

Over the years the  harbour properties have been carefully maintained to give the marina a distinct architectural feel. The existing look of red brick with white finishes was to be preserved on the external facade. 

The new orangery roof provided the perfect external space to sit out on a summer’s day and enjoy the remarkable harbour views. Boats coming and going can be clearly seen from the rear of the property, so it was imperative the view wasn’t obstructed by the glass balcony.

A close-focus shot of the frameless glass balustrades created by Glass & Stainless sits against the harbour in Eastbourne.

Carefully choosing materials

Externally, Glass & Stainless chose to use both a powder coated channel and cladding. Powder coating is used to improve the metal’s durability and resistance, a major benefit when the structure will be exposed to a variety of weather conditions. 

Making sure that the external space can withstand the harsh coastal conditions is incredibly important for the durability and longevity of the balcony.

The black tile flooring of the external balcony is shown, and the runner and frameless glass panels of the balcony.

Completing the task on time and within budget

Glass & Stainless wanted to create the perfect combination of style without taking the costs above the client’s threshold. Installation was to take 3 days with a 3-week manufacturing slot. The white powder coated channel was designed to fit in with the current building. Keeping the finish neat and elegant was at the top of the agenda for both Glass & Stainless and the client. We’re happy to say that we were able to complete the task on time and in budget, leaving the client incredibly happy with the finished outcome. Boats can be easily seen coming and going in the harbour through the glass balcony, while the external aesthetic and privacy of the bedroom are carefully maintained.

The full property is shown, with red bricks and white window framings showcasing the glass window panels from Glass & Stainless.

The final result

From the photos, you can see how the glass balcony looks as well as get a feeling for the special views out over the harbour. A careful combination of shots have been chosen to represent the various aspects of the project. You can see the project was detailed to deliver a simple yet effective aesthetic from all angles. These images also give an understanding of how the balustrade blends with the rear elevation of the property. 

Two panels of the frameless glass are shown against a grey sky.


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