John Whitehead, Managing Director at Glass and Stainless, reveals everything you need to know about glass balustrades, what they are, and where to use them in your property for maximum effect.


Q: What is a glass balustrade?

A glass balustrade is a series of glass panels that create a barrier or fence, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are often used to elevate our clients’ home’s designs, create minimalist modern features and introduce additional natural light into the property.


Q: Where can I use glass balustrades in my home?

You can add glass balustrades to your staircase for a stunning design. The addition of glass balustrades helps to open up almost any room, increasing the amount of natural daylight flowing through the property and adding a ‘wow’ factor when guests walk in!

Glass balustrades can also be used to create a balconette or Juliet balcony – a smaller balcony fitted closely to the exteriors of windows or doors, for a feel of airiness, space and elegance.

You can choose from a range of transparent, frosted, opaque or coloured finishes to personalise your balcony’s design – tailoring it to suit your lifestyle, tastes and privacy needs.

Glass balustrades are also perfect for use in the garden, for pool and decking areas to help break up the space and to make the most of a beautiful garden and surrounding views.

Another option is to install glass panels in the home and create a partition wall to change the interior layout, creating multifunctional, flexible spaces and increase your privacy and soundproofing.


Q: Are glass balustrades safe?

Absolutely. Here at Glass and Stainless, we only install specialist toughened and laminated glass on all our projects for your safety. Each glass type has its own distinctive properties, and we can advise which will be best to use for your project, and property type and style.

We work only with the best, accredited suppliers and installers for your peace of mind and constantly review our suppliers to ensure they meet and exceed UK safety standards.

Glass is a strong material, and our design expertise and knowledge will ensure, no matter your project, that the glass we fit is safe, durable and long-lasting. There’s no need to worry about using it for your balcony, floors, or stairs – it might look fragile, but the truth is that’s far from the case!


Q: Should I choose a frameless or post and clamp balustrade?

Choose a frameless system for your glass balustrade for a sleek and elegant design with completely unobstructed views. The strength of the glass panels ensures the balustrade is stable and more than capable of bearing your weight, preventing any falls or accidents.

Frameless systems are great for use on Juliet balconies, staircases and glass partitions. You can also use a post and clamp balustrade for a striking, distinctive design that works well outdoors and indoors. The stainless steel systems are built to last, resistant to rust and easy to maintain.

If you aren’t sure which design or finish would best suit your property, we’re here to help!

Just consult our design experts for tailored planning advice and guidance to help create the perfect balustrade for you.


Q: How long will my glass balustrades take to install?

Our team of designers will survey sites as appropriate or provide friendly advice about the system depending on the complexity of the installation. Our sole purpose is to ensure a smooth and efficient transition from concept to reality. Many of our clients require us to only supply stainless steel components and glass so they can carry out the installation themselves, which we do on a nationwide basis, though our team is always on hand to step in and provide installation should it be required.

We are there every step of the way, to make the designing, supplying and installing of your bespoke glass balustrade simple and stress-free.


Q: Will my glass balustrades require much maintenance and care?

The materials we use require little maintenance other than a light cleaning from time to time. From our anodised aluminium or stainless steel handrails and frames to the safety toughened glass, we use only the very best, high-quality materials that are built to last. Once the installation of your glass balustrade is complete, you can simply sit back and enjoy it!


Q: How can you help me find the perfect glass balustrade?

We’ll get to know you, your lifestyle, your style preference and your vision of the completed project, to recommend the perfect solution for you. Our experts are on hand to guide you through the design, production and installation process of your new glass balustrade, so together we can bring your dream to life.

For more advice and inspiration, you can explore our previous projects here, or contact one of our design experts to help get your project underway.


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