Decking railings and balustrades offer the perfect combination of safety and decoration in any outdoor space. A deck can be a brilliant way of adding a sense of structure to your garden, clearly identifying it as a distinct zone dedicated to a particular purpose. This could be play, relaxation or perhaps eating and drinking. The addition of a decking railing and balustrade helps to create a sense of the deck being self-enclosed and hidden away from the world, a place to escape to.

Balustrades can be made from a wide variety of materials but we would always recommend a winning combination of gorgeous glass and stainless steel. Each is easy to clean and maintain can add a dash of contemporary elegance to any outdoor space.

Whilst UK building regulations only specify requirements for commercial properties, it makes excellent sense to use them as guidelines for domestic properties as well. Even in a home environment it pays to be aware and take care of yourself, your family and any visitors’ safety.

What height does my decking railing need to be in the UK?

In the UK, the required height of your decking railing will be conditional on the height of the deck platform itself. If your deck isn’t actually raised up and could in fact be described as a patio, then you don’t need decking railings.

Whatever the height of the decking, there should be no gaps big enough for a 100mm sphere to pass through it.

Lower level decks are those which are raised no more than 300mm off the ground. For this platform height in a domestic property, any railings or balustrades should be at least 900mm higher than the deck itself. This means that the handrail must be situated directly on top of the balustrade itself if you want to create the lowest profile possible. If you were to place the handrail to the side of the balustrade, lower down, then it would not meet UK building regulations. In commercial properties the handrail must be at least 1100mm higher than the deck. As a result, you may need to increase the height of your balustrade in order to ensure there isn’t too great a gap between the top of the balustrade and the railing.

High level decks are those which are raised more than 300mm above the ground. The increased platform elevation is matched by a rise in the required balustrade height to 1100mm. However, the railing itself doesn’t have to be any higher than the 900mm required for a lower level deck, allowing you to affix it to the side of the balustrade rather than on top.

Do my deck stairs need railings?

Depending on how high your deck is, you might wish to install a set of stairs. But do they need decking railings? It depends on how many there are. In a commercial property, you will need a handrail if there are more than two stairs. If the stairs are more than 1 metre wide then you will require handrails on both sides. Less than that and you only need one.

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