When it comes to skylights, you aren’t limited by the pitch of your roof. Skylights for flat roofs certainly exist and they can be used to brilliant effect, allowing natural light to pour into your property. In some circumstances a more elevated pyramid skylight or roof lantern may be more suitable, but subtle skylights for flat roofs are certainly available.

The Benefits Of Skylights For Flat Roofs

Skylights for flat roofs are a brilliant aesthetic choice, as well as an environmentally friendly and private one.

By installing a skylight on a flat roof, you can truly maximise the amount of natural light (and heat) that is able to reach through the bespoke glass and into the nooks and crannies of your home. When light is scarce in winter, it is all too tempting to just turn on the artificial lights. With a skylight, you are able to capture as much light as possible and so put off flicking the switch for a bit longer. Ultimately, that will reduce your energy consumption and save money in the long term. In summer, light is plentiful and a skylight will help give you the sensation of being outside even when you’re trapped indoors.

Research has shown that greater exposure to natural light is beneficial for our mental and physical health. Artificial light has been shown to disrupt our sleeping patterns and other circadian rhythms within the body. Ultimately, this can increase your chances of experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Skylights for flat roofs can offer you greater privacy than a standard window. In order for anyone to look into such a skylight and see you, they will have to be positioned almost directly above your property. Few people have neighbours in such a position, making it ideal for use in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Just like a normal window, skylights can be opened. In fact, their location up high works in their favour. As a room begins to heat up, the hot air rises and the cold air falls. Opening a skylight will allow that hot air to escape really quite easily.

The Technicalities Of Skylights For Flat Roofs

The key to making skylights for flat roofs work is by elevating them. A completely level skylight will easily accumulate debris and water, blocking out the light, ruining the aesthetic and reducing its long-term stability. The elevation doesn’t need to be much, just 3 degrees as a minimum to ensure effective water run-off.

For additional security, we recommend that you choose good quality flashing and have a professional, such as Glass and Stainless, install the rooflight. They will ensure that the surrounding roofing material perfectly interlocks with the flushing to create a watertight seal.

Given that the skylight doesn’t sit flush to the roof but instead rises upwards and breaks the roofline, you may require planning permission prior to installation. This is particularly likely if the building is listed or located in a conservation area.

Don’t worry if your flat roof is a particularly awkward shape, we can create skylights bespoke to your needs. At Glass and Stainless, we work to your needs and requirements. Get in touch today to see how we can help with your skylights for flat roofs.