Made to measure glass stair panels are a brilliant modern alternative to traditional spindles or other styles of railing. A glass panel of any shape or size is fitted to completely fill the space between the handrail and base of a balustrade. Stair panels can be made from a wide variety of materials but, unsurprisingly, we believe glass to be the superior option. Whereas wood and other opaque materials can give a feeling of being boxed-I, glass still allows light to pass through. Hallways are often quite dark spaces so anything you can do to help circulate light is going to be a bonus.

How Safe Are Made To Measure Glass Stair Panels?

At Glass & Stainless, all our made to measure glass stair panels are made from toughened glass. Incredibly robust, this form of safety glass is up to 5 times stronger than standard glass, giving you vital reassurance about using glass as a safety feature within your home. This strength is the result of a process in which the glass is heated to a remarkable 650°C before being quickly cooled. Should toughened glass ever break, the resulting fragments are quite small, rounded and relatively harmless rather than large, sharp and jagged. All our glass meets international safety standards so you can be confident in the security of our product.

As well as guaranteeing you a perfect fit, bespoke materials can be designed in line with your needs and preferences. Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking.   

Frosted Glass

The perfect compromise between light and privacy, frosted glass stair panels work well with both metal and wooden balustrades. Frosted glass is a common choice for contemporary front doors so why not ensure coherence across your interior design? As well as looking highly sophisticated, these stair panels are also eminently practical. Without total transparency, all those items that mysteriously seem to find their way to the bottom of the stairs remain hidden. 

Coloured Glass

Most people’s first thought when it comes to brightening a hallway is to simply repaint the wall. We believe coloured glass to be a more exciting and unique alternative. For a subtler effect, a light blue or green tint is probably the best option, rather than full colour. A totally coloured panel will be opaque rather than transparent, so think about the light in your hallway.

Etched Glass

When it comes to designs for an etched glass stair panel, the possibilities are endless. From delicate floral designs to bold geometric patterns, the sky truly is the limit. At Glass & Stainless we are more than happy to replicate an etched design. For example, you may want to copy a design from your front door or hallway mirror. 

Glass and Stainless are experts in designing, cutting and fitting made to measure glass stair panels. Contact us today to see how we can revitalise your hallway.