Glass shower door handles come in a whole range of styles and sizes. At the most basic level you need to decide whether or not to choose a set of back to back handles that work in pairs, or a single mount handle which can function on its own. You also have the choice of whether or not to have a hollow handle (tubular) or a solid one. Some people prefer the reassurance of a heavier handle whereas others prefer to not push as hard on the handle when it’s wet.

Shape wise, there is practically no limit. For example, you could choose square or circle, H-stye or arch. Some styles are specifically designed with ergonomics in mind for ease of use. Whatever shape of door handle you choose, you then need to consider the finish. The most commonly used options are matte, etched or high-shine.

One important point to bear in mind is that toughened glass cannot be cut. This means that your new shower door handles will need to fit in the same space as your previous ones.

Want to know how to install glass shower door handles? Read our hints and tips below.

Removing The Original Glass Shower Door Handles

Before you install a new glass shower door handle, you will need to remove whatever is already in place. For a single handle:

  • Firstly, you will need to remove the end cap. This is simply the small piece of metal that sits on the inside surface of the door, holding the handle in place. It is approximately ½ inch in size.
  • Initially, the end cap will probably be too stiff to loosen by hand so we would recommend that you use a set of pliers. Simply turn the metal in a counterclockwise direction. Once it is loose enough, you can switch to using your hands, ready to catch the metal which it falls.
  • With the end cap removed the handle will simply slide out of the hole.

How To Install The New Glass Shower Door Handles

Before fitting any new shower door handles, we would always recommend that you give the glass a bit of a clean. Dirt and limescale can easily build up around a door handle, and there will likely be residue from your previous handle. Just use a cloth and a limescale remover to get the job done.

For a double sided handle:

  • Firstly, check whether there is an obvious difference between the two handles. This may indicate that one is meant for you use on the inside surface of the shower e.g. it is designed for greater grip.
  • Decide where the natural and functional position of the exterior door handle is, and line it up with the pre-existing holes in the glass.
  • To help protect the glass and form a seal, some shower door handles come with small rubber washers. These will need to fitted to end of the handle shaft.
  • Once the exterior door handle is in place you’ll want to keep it secure using masking tape.
  • Line up the interior glass shower door handle with the exterior one and screw them both into place. You can then remove the masking tape.

For a single handle, the same principles apply but you will be attaching an end cap in place of an inner handle. To get a tight fit, you’ll probably want to use pliers again. However, you need to be careful that you don’t scratch or otherwise damage the metal or glass. To help prevent this, we would recommend covering the end cap in a piece of cloth.

Glass and Stainless offer a range of glass shower door handles that perfectly suit our frameless glass shower doors. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.