Spring is finally here, and already it seems like summer is around the corner! With the warmer weather, the long days and the balmy evenings, it’s no surprise that so many of our minds are fixed on summer. Now that so many of us are spending more and more time outdoors in our own homes, it’s the perfect time to start making your garden space perfect for you. 



It can be difficult to know, in the months leading up to it, how best to start preparing our gardens to make the most of them in the summertime. For many people, it’s planting bulbs; others are focusing on their landscaping. Here at Glass & Stainless, we think that the perfect project for springtime is creating the ideal outdoor area for you to enjoy in those warmer months, complete with decking and gorgeous, timeless glass balustrades. 

Pairing decking and glass balustrades is a popular choice for many people who wish to transform their outdoor space into a form of extra room. The milder weather from June to August often means that sitting, and even eating outside is an achievable dream for many – but often our clients are unsure how to kickstart this outdoor space. Here at Glass & Stainless, we have often helped our clients to design and build their garden balustrades to fit perfectly with their decking and garden features. In this article, we want to share with you just how you can get your decking ready for summer, with our elegant and stylish glass balustrades. 


Glass balustrade design

When using glass for your balustrade design, it’s important to consider your type of decking to work out the best pairings for aesthetic purposes. There are several different types of glass balustrade, which can largely divide into frameless glass balustrades and post and clamp style balustrades. 



Frameless glass is a sleek and modern look, often found in and around office buildings and public buildings for its incredibly sleek appearance. It treats those around it to an unobscured view, making it a perfect choice to pair with decking. Frameless glass balustrades are particularly choice to use if your residence or decking is coastal; the glass itself is durable and can weather the increased salt and more moisture air with none of the erosion, rust or wear and tear that can appear on metal. Frameless glass also pairs well with stone or tile decking; the combination of the two can make a space feel truly contemporary, and is often extremely practical when the outdoors is used to eat or cook. 


Post and Clamp

Post and clamp balustrade styles are also a popular type of balustrade to pair with decking. Similar to the frameless style, but perhaps a little more traditional, post and clamp balustrades offer a highly practical alternative. This is partly due to the fact that post and clamp balustrade styles can easily be updated and maintained, and often have a shorter installation time thanks to the fact that rarely is any structural work necessary. 

However, post and clamp is best in more landlocked climates; in coastal conditions, you can risk tarnishing the metal alloy. Lower grade stainless steel should not be used in such regions, as it can easily corrode and decrease the quality of the product. However, high grade stainless steel, as provided by us here at Glass & Stainless, is suitable for use in all climates, as the material withstands the air quality much better. 




Glass balustrade installation on decking 

Now you’ve selected your glass design, it’s important to ensure you know the necessary steps involved to fit it into your decking! It’s vital to make sure that you’ve got the necessary tools and materials in place. 

When installing glass balustrades on either wood, stone or metal, you’ll need to ensure you have your posts and glass panels, of course, along with a handrail if using, but additionally don’t forget your screws, drill and screwdriver, along with glass clamps, fixtures, and fixing plates for the posts! 

Installing the posts, adding the handrail and adding your glass panels are key stages in post and clamp, whilst frameless glass balustrades require a different approach, involving mounting glass panels on a straight base. For in-depth instruction on how to fit your glass balustrade on decking, please do get in touch with us here at Glass & Stainless and we will be able to advise you. 


An additional feature to help you put the finishing touch to your glass balustrade and truly get your decking ready for summer could be an innovative use of lighting. You could choose in-floor lighting, to be set within the very decking itself, or perhaps turn your focus towards motion-sensor LED lights, which activate by movement!



For more inspiration on any aspect of your glass balustrade design, installation on decking or finishing touches, please feel free to get in touch with Glass & Stainless for your consultation.