Here at Glass & Stainless, we know just how to transform a set of overlooked stairs into their own statement piece – a real feature of your home. A bespoke glass staircase is not only timeless and classic but easy to maintain, ensuring that your home and hallway will appear fresh and new for years to come.


What are the benefits of a bespoke glass staircase? 

A bespoke glass staircase is a perfect example of relatively easy home redesign. The transformative effect of clear, crystal panes of glass cannot be understated, and the beauty of a glass staircase is its versatility. Glass staircases are perfect for homes where there isn’t enough light, given their ability to maximise light in any space. Darker, gloomier hallways can be transformed by a simple set of glass stair panels, which can be used to their maximum effect here. Rather than creating a large, looming block to natural light, glass panels allow light to pass through them, creating a beautiful natural sun trap in a previously-darkened hall.

Glass staircases truly shine where they can sit in natural light, however. Whether you’re looking for internal or external glass staircases, glass stair panels become iridescent in bright light, which allows the material to seem as though it’s glittering. Natural light works well to provide this effect, as does bespoke lighting – a set LED or even motion sensor can work perfectly in harmony with a glass staircase, illuminating each step. 


 What kind of glass stair panels are available? 

A common concern of glass staircases is their durability! Many clients assume that glass is a fragile material until they speak to us here at Glass & Stainless. In fact, glass in general – and in particular our toughened, laminated glass panels – is incredibly durable and able to withstand both enormous loads and many weather types. Perfect for external glass stairs as well as internal, our toughened laminated glass panels are resistant to load-bearing and shatterproof. 

Toughened and laminated glass panels for stairs means that the panels are both durable (approximately four times tougher than conventional annealed glass used for windows) as well as being laminated, which means that a thin layer of material is used to prevent glass shattering or cracking outwards in the event of a trauma to the pane. All this makes toughened and laminated glass panels perfect for glass staircases.


Design options for bespoke glass stairs

When it comes to design options for your glass staircase, the sky is truly the limit. Whether you wish to have a spiral glass staircase, a cantilevered glass staircase – even a curved glass staircase, simply peruse our design options to work out which shape will be right for you and your space.