Introducing flex-fit, adjust the way you work

Flexfit is a new and revolutionary modular system designed to help make creating and installing glass easier.

Glass & Stainless Ltd are pleased to be able to offer the Flexfit as part of its large selection of Glass and Stainless products and accessories.

Flex-Fit is the perfect solution for fast and safe alignment of glass balustrades. With a simple sliding movement to position the glass with a precision of up to 40mm and reduce the assembly time by some 30%. Optionally, Flex-Fit can be used with all existing Trans Level profiles.

  • Adjustable from balcony side
  • Easy-to-use Flex-Fit Tool
  • Simple and affordable
  • Available for all Trans Level systems
  • For glass thicknesses from 12 up to 31.52 mm

Unlike traditional systems where you have to work from both the balcony side and the void side, the Flex-Fit system can be fully operated from the balcony side. This helps avoid the cost of renting
a scaffold or even a tower wagon, and allows work to be much safer!

The Flex-Fit glass fitting system can be used for a wide range of glass thicknesses – from 12 mm to as thick as 31.52 mm. This makes working with the Flex-Fit system not only very pleasant but also, and especially, very cost-efficient.

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